Residential Pool

Don’t let the pool be the luxury you can’t enjoy with your family and friends because you spend so much time cleaning it. Pool cleaning is a science that Infinity Professional Services has mastered. Let us prove to you that our 12 step Perfect Pool System your pool will only be a luxury, never a nuisance.

Contact the best pool cleaning service in Palm Beach County now for a FREE 27 point inspection of your pool!

Infinity Perfect Pool System Full Service

  • Skim Surface of Pool

  • Vacuum debris from bottom of pool

  • Brush walls

  • Brush tile

  • Skim Surface for Fine debris

  • Inspect skimmer basket

  • Inspect Filter and timer

  • Inspect pool Vacuum

  • Balance Chemicals

  • Clean filters monthly or as needed

  • Add Infinity Perfect Pool Clarifier and natural algaecide 

  • Email you a completed work order with picture of your pool after cleaning

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