Residential Landscaping

Infinity Professional Services prides itself on providing experienced, professional and safe services with a number one goal of customer satisfaction. Whether you need basic lawn care service or complete exterior maintenance of your lawn and landscaping, Infinity is prepared to and ready to handle it all.


Basic Lawn service includes – Mowing of grass, line trimming, edging, blowing and small hedging trimming


Basic Lawn service plus hedges – This services includes all the basic service and of all hedges less than 10ft in length, 6 feet in height and 3 feet in width


Complete Lawn and Landscaping – This includes all of your basic services including hedges plus

  • Plants less than 8 feet trimmed to height and shape requested by owner

  • Hedges will be maintained in a geometrical form.

  • Flowering shrubs, bushes, groundcovers, and ornamental trees trimmed or pruned to minimize crossover.

  • Plant material will be trimmed up to 18” away from walls, walkways, driveways, and outdoor mechanical.

  • Weeds in cracks of cement will be sprayed as needed

  • Spraying /weeding of beds and tree rings with each visit

  • Trees eight (8) feet or taller will be maintained to remove sucker growth, and dead branches.

  • Palm trees will be maintained to remove dead fronds and seed pods reachable by pole saw.

  • Shaping, thinning or ‘topping’ of any tree in excess of eight (8) foot is not included.


Infinity provides Lawn Care service 36-38 times per year.

  • Weekly during the months of June – September.

  • Every 10 days during the months April, May, October and November.

  • Every 14 days for the months December, January, February, and March.

  • Complete Landscaping service is completed one time per month at monthly intervals.

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